Board View 
Planer Overview 

Equipment & Services:

Transverse and lineal (linear) optimized board edgers.
Optimized high speed primary breakdown equipment.
Mill duty bearings, sprockets, chains and accessories.
Disk and drum chippers, rotary and roll chip screens.
Bridge, pedestal and track cranes and hoists.
Log and stem debarking and hogging equipment.
Double track, counter flow and side load kilns and kiln controls. 
Multi cyclones, cyclones, baghouses, ducting.
Engineers and Project Managers for all disciplines.
Grinding and sharpening equipment for saws and knives.
Circular saw vertical and horizontal gang edgers.
Optimized merchandisers with fixed or travelling saws.
Trimming, sorting and stacking equipment.
Optimizers, controls, operator's consoles, etc.
Pelletizing equipment for the manufacture of wood and feed pellets.
High speed planer machines for finishing of green and dry lumber.
Scanners & sensors for optimization and machine control.