TBL3 Profile & Sawing 

Gang Edgers: Circular saw vertical and horizontal gang edgers.

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Functional Description:

Gang edgers are used to saw cants into boards.  Gang edgers can be single arbor or double arbor.  There are horizontal arbor and vertical arbor gangs as well ad straight sawing and curve (shape) sawing gangs.

Single arbor gang edgers have the saws mounted on one arbor.  This is usually a bottom arbor.  A double arbor gang has saws mounted on a top and bottom arbor.  In some cases the bottom saw will be larger than the top saw.  For example on a ten inch gang the bottom arbor may saw up to 6" cant widths in order to avoid any potential saw step in the six inch lumber.

A horizontal arbor gang edger has the arbor(s) mounted on the horizontal plane with the saws being vertical.  A vertical arbor gang has the arbor(s) mounted in the vertical plane with the saws running horizontally.

Straight sawing gang edgers saw parallel to a line bar or the cant is positioned to the gang and fed in parallel to the saws.

Curve sawing, or shape sawing, gangs saw to the shape of the cant.  There are basically two types of curve sawing.  One uses articulating and translating saws to follow the shape of the cant.  The other method moves the cant shape around the saws.