Dust Collecting, Cylones & Filters: Systems and equipment for dust collecting for air quality control and pollution control. For dust collection and environmental improvements in industrial plants.

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Functional Description:

Dust collecting systems are used to extract airborne particles from the air in the workplace environment.  The common methods of air cleaning in the wood products industry are cyclones, multi cyclones (multiclones), baghouse filters, electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and wet scrubbers.

Cyclones: Dust laden air enters through the inlet. The high turbulence breaks the heavier and lighter materials apart.  The spinning air throws the heavier materials outward to the cyclone walls.  Airflow on the cyclone walls is slowed by friction.  Heavier dust particles get trapped in the slower moving air and gravity slowly pulls these heavier particles down.  These heavier particles continue to slide downward and eventually exit out through an air lock for collection in the residual collecting conveyor system.  Near the bottom of the cone is a reversal point where the spinning air without the heavier dust particles reverses direction. The cleaned air spirals up through the center of the cyclone then exits through the cyclone outlet.