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Online Expos, in conjunction with participating sponsors, provides engineering and operating information to the global wood products industry. This site includes animations, videos, photos and text describing how various production equipment functions. There are also technical programs for online calculations and graphic explanations of technical functions. In addition, Online Expos offers a full range of animation and multimedia design services.

International Online Expos Inc. is a comprehensive graphics based website ideal for researching equipment, machinery, supplies and services. View our Site Information for details and pricing on becoming a Sponsor and having your Company's products and services represented on this site.

Other industries served by Online Expos:

Agrifeed - Agriculture, feed mills and feed processing
Boating- Boats and boating accessories
Energy - Energy production, renewable energy and power generation
Mining - Mining, mine mills, mineral and aggregate processing
Wood Products - Forestry, logging, solid wood, panels, engineered wood and pulp & paper