Canter Log Scanning Chain 
2500 Series Bearings 
Anson 2500 series bearing

Chain, Sprockets & Bearings: Cast, welded and fabricated steel and non metallic chain and sprockets.

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Functional Description:

Industrial chain has many applications in the wood products industry.  Chain is used to transport logs, lumber, veneer, plywood, oriented strandboard (OSB), medium density fibre board (MDF), chips, sawdust, bark, hog fuel, ash, etc.
Typical chain types are roller chain, self lube chain, sharp top chain, canter infeed bottom chain, welded steel drag chain, attachment chain, plastic chain, stainless steel chain, non marking chain, wide profile chain, drop forged chain, cast iron chain, non metallic chain, leaf chain, tire chain, hoist chain.  Most chain is available as standard duty and heavy duty.
Sprockets for chain are welded sprockets, cast iron sprockets, stainless steel sprockets, cast nylon sprockets, UHNW sprockets, segmented sprockets and split sprockets.
Typical wood products industry equipment utilizing chain for drive units and material handling are:

Logging: Feller buncher, skidder, delimber, log loader, logging truck.

Sawmill: Log deck, log conveyor, double length infeed canter, single length infeed canter, sharp chain canter, sharp chain bandmill, gang edger, board edger, lumber transfer, lumber sorter, lumber stacker, trim block conveyor, chip conveyor, sawdust conveyor.

Planermill: Lumber transfer, package transfer, lumber sorter, lumber stacker, trim block conveyor, chip conveyor.

Plywood Plant: Log deck, log transfer, veneer stacker, panel stacker, chip conveyor.

OSB Plant: panel stacker, log conveyor, log deck.

MDF Plant: Panel stacker, fines conveyor.

Pulp and Paper Mill: Waste water treatment, log deck, log conveyor, chipper conveyor, chip conveyor, bark conveyor.