Log Merchandiser - Miles 

Log Merchandisers & Log Handling: Optimized merchandisers with fixed or travelling saws.

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Functional Description:

Log Merchandisers: Log merchandisers are used to cut logs, or stems, into blocks.  Merchandiser optimization systems determine the optimum value bucking pattern.  Log merchandisers are generally either transverse or lineal.

Transverse merchandiser systems buck the logs transversely through the saws.  Typically the log is linear scanned although there are some systems with transverse scanning.  The saws travel on track or round ways to the position determined by the optimizer.  On lineal merchandisers the log is transported lineally through the scanner and is position at the saw or saws for bucking.  There can be a fixed saw with positioning fences or a combination of multiple saws and positioning fences.  On a lineal system the log is stopped on the chain or belt and the saws buck the log to the solution determined by the optimizer.

Log Singulators:  Log singulators are used to signulate logs or blocks to load into lugs.  There are several types of log singulators.  Wave feeders, log ladders, vertical singulators, unscramblers, quadrant feeders, rotary pushers, etc.

Log Kickers:  Log kickers are used to kick logs, stems or blocks off of a belt into log bins or decks.  There are several types of log kickers.  Electric, pneumatic, pinball, rotary, etc.