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Debarkers, Saws, Knives & Grinders - DK-SPEC:
Timberfox Debarker

The Timberfox™ debarker is available in single rotor and dual rotor counter rotating configurations.

Timberfox™ Performance

  • New improved tool tensioning system offering a uniform pressure
  • A 2 year manufacturer warranty on electric drive feed rolls
  • Equipped with FORMAX™ tips and tools
  • Reduce operation cost and maintenance support service


Timberfox™ Toughness

  • A solid unibloc structure
  • Improved split link arm connected to feed roll air cylinder to reduce downtime and increase production
  • Wear resistant spike rolls, spikes last up to 5 times longer than regular spikes
  • Improved pneumatic rotor


Timberfox™ Efficiency

  • Speeds of up to 350 FPM, at 100% capacity, with less space between each log, making it more productive
  • The triangular assembly of the spike rolls achieve a much better log centering

Timberfox™ Flexibility

  • Adapted according to your needs, single or double rotor, 14" – 18" – 25" – 30" diameter
  • The debarker is available with right or left hand configuration
  • Automated lubrication system
  • Can be installed in the same parameters as a conventional debarker with guide rolls
  • Check point maintenance control
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Hydro Lock Planer Heads
Conversion of fixed conventional bottom and top heads on your planer with the new Hydro-Lock system with removable heads

  • High Performance
  • Superior precision, more accurate cutting circle
  • Can easily be adapted on other planers such as Coastal, Newman, Stetson Ross, Yates
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased feeding speed
  • Easier planning of the sharpening
  • Minimal jointing requirement for longer life span of knives
  • Improved wood finish
  • Knives sharpened directly on the heads
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Nordik Saws
  • Standard saw
  • Guided saw
  • Trim saw
  • Strob saw
  • Step saw
  • Splitter saw

Added value
  • Blue tempered
  • Gold
  • Carbide
  • Stellite
  • Cermet II
  • Hollow ground smooth trimmer
  • Triple chip
  • ATB
  • Chip breaker
Other Products
  • Segments, spacers, saw guides
  • Single cut
  • Double cut
  • Gold
  • Frost notch
  • Chip breaker
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Debarker Tools
Formax™ replaceable debarker tool arms and tips.
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