Acuity Laser Measurement
2765 NW Nicolai St.
USA, 97210
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Acuity Laser Measurement was founded in 1992 to develop laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. Today Acuity Laser Measurement sensors are used in applications from steel casting to paper production to medical imaging, from crane control to micron-level part and surface inspection. Acuity is a product line of Schmitt Measurement Systems, Inc. Schmitt Measurement Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schmitt Industries, Inc.

The Acuity Laser Measurement product line includes several models of distance measuring devices which uses both time-of-flight and triangulation measurement principles. The devices can accurately gage distance without contact to 54 feet. Designed for industrial environments, Acuity Laser Measurement sensors are made in the USA.