Tekhnodrev St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum
Location:St. Petersburg, Russia  Map
Start Date:   2020-09-23
End Date:2020-09-24


The St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum is officially supported by the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation, the Committee on Natural Resources of the RF State Duma, the Forestry Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the Unated Nations (FAO UN), RAO Bumprom, All-Russia Public Organisation BUSINESS RUSSIA, leading national and foreign industrial associations and unions..

St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum exhibition features advanced technologies, equipment and tool for forestry, primary and advanced woodworking, furniture production and wooden housing construction.

This event features face to face meetings with top managers of forestry companies; 100 leading industry experts; market development experts; comprehensive assessment and analysis of the industry.


  • Forest industry complex. Growth potential. How to gain profit in terms of political crisis. Overview of government incentives for the industry.
  • Law on timber recording and timber-related deals. Mechanisms of enforcement of Federal law No. 415 and related problems.
  • The ways to increase sales. How to grow in terms of crisis.
  • New forms of trade, special features of online stock exchanges. Tendering and organisation of estate sales by auction.
  • Improvement of forest state management economic aspects.
  • Analysis of secondary woodworking industry. Products and growth potential.
    Analysis of sectors representing key wood products consumers.
  • Intensification of production. Automation of business and production processes.
    Cases of organisational, technological and programme improvements at enterprises.
  • Forestry development. Looking into scientific and technological future.
  • Forest bioenergetics. Potential and development trends of the segment
  • ..and many more