Bois Energie Expo (Wood Heating Exhibition)
Location:Nantes, France  Map
Start Date:   2020-01-29
End Date:2020-01-30


The Bois Energie is a unique Exhibition whose distinctive hallmark is firmly rooted in :
 - it’s end-to-end coverage of the entire wood energy chain coupled with
 - a strong focus on bringing wood energy to life.
This leading event also carries the distinctive title of the "world’s first wood energy exhibition" pionneering as it did in 1998 the first exhibition in the world for the sector to advance wood energy’s international development.

Equipment suppliers and service providers, fuel suppliers and logistics companies all assemble at the Bois Energie Exhibition to provide a single and total overview of every stage in the wood energy chain. It starts with gathering virgin or waste materials to produce a range of wood fuels and moves upstream, to cover a multitude of technological options to produce heat at a domestic, industrial or local authority level, or equally to generate combined heat and power.