Lisderevmash International Exhibition of Machinery
Location:Kiev, Ukraine  Map
Start Date:   2019-09-24
End Date:2019-09-27


The Lisderevmash international specialized trade fair of machinery and equipment for forestry, woodworking and the furniture Industry.

During 4 days the International Exhibition Centre, that will host the event, will be the center of attraction for all those who is somehow or other connected with woodworking. Each event is visited by more than 6.000 specialists, engaged in furniture manufacture, woodwork as well as construction and forestry. LISDEREVMASH is the largest branch trade fair in Ukraine, widely acknowledged by foreign and domestic experts. As the most important event, the exhibition is supported by the Department for forestry and wood industries of the Ministry of industrial policy of Ukraine, the State Forestry Committee and Association of woodworking equipment manufacturers and suppliers of Ukraine.

LISDEREVMASH is the first Ukrainian trade fair, which has received the support of the European Federation of the producers of machinery and equipment for woodworking EUMABOIS and the branch associations of Germany (VDMA) and Italy (ACIMALL), Spain (AFEMA), which are represented by own national expositions.

The fair is featured by the full range of machinery and equipment for forestry, primary and secondary woodworking, furniture trade and auxiliary tools, accessories, materials, chemical production, wood and services.