Forexpo Silviculture and Logging Trade Fair
Location:Mimizan, France  Map
Start Date:   2020-06-17
End Date:2020-06-19


FOREXPO's core strength is its originality. Situated in the heart of the forest requiring new logistics and planning each time, the fair is an opportunity to display machines and equipment operating in practical forest conditions.  Every 4 years some 400 exhibitors from all over Europe and over 500 international brands exhibit the very latest innovations relating to forestry and forest management forest management on a site about 80 ha.

Exhibition, demonstrations and workshops, conferences and debates, as well as numerous competitions and FOREXPO awards give buyers from all over the world a complete picture of what the forest-wood industry has to offer in three days. A showcase for the cultivated forest, from seeds to logs : all the skills and know-how, from soil work to tree-felling and log loading on trucks, are on display at FOREXPO.